The Arbor Room

The Arbor Room

Your Event, Your Way

The Arbor Room is a cozy and cost-friendly venue available for your private event. The room holds up to 80 guests and is great for showers, birthday parties, or family gatherings. At The Arbor Room, customers have the freedom to customize the décor and seating arrangements to suit their unique style. This event space boasts an elevated seating area in addition to the main level, providing additional space for guests to relax and mingle. A large buffet area is also available for meal service with the option for catering by the venue’s kitchen or outside food brought in by the customer. A large service bar is also on hand for beverage service. While all beverages must be purchased through The Arbor Room, customers can rest easy knowing they have access to a wide range of drink options to keep their guests satisfied.

The Arbor Room Evolution

History of the Arbor Room

The Arbor Room has a rich history in Belleville.  For many years, it was a full-service restaurant, a favorite of downtown Belleville city employees. In the 80s, it offered one of the first salad bars ever seen in Metro East.  Prior to that, it was a nightclub and disco! Now the space is available for private events every day of the week. Private meetings, birthdays, showers, game nights, fundraisers…you name it! You can decorate as you like. We can cater your event, or you are welcome to bring your own food into this room. All beverages must be purchased from us.

The Arbor Room Gallery